Cobh Wanderers Football Club

Club Lotto Rules


Cobh Wanderers weekly lotto draw rules.

  • Select 4 numbers from 1 to 28. The cost of each 4 number selection is €1.50.
  • Each ticket must clearly show; the 4 selected numbers, contact name(s) and address/phone number. Improperly marked tickets will be marked “void” before the draw takes place and signed by a committee member present and witness. All tickets deemed void by the committee shall have no claim on prize monies.
  • A ticket matching the four numbers drawn for that particular draw wins the jackpot prize. If more than one ticket matches the 4 numbers drawn then the jackpot prize is shared evenly.
  • The minimum jackpot is €300. If there is no winner of the jackpot prize, €150 will be added weekly to the jackpot, to a limit of €20,000.
  • A consolation prize of €30 is awarded to the owner of a ticket drawn at random from all the tickets sold for that week. The consolation prize may be adjusted at the discretion of the committee.
  • If the jackpot reaches €20,000 the consolation prize will change to a 3 X €50 random ticket draw until the jackpot is won.
  • The draw will take place each Sunday after 7pm.
  • All entries must be with the organising committee before the commencement of the draw. This responsibility to ensure tickets are entered in the draw lies solely with the ticket seller. The committee accepts no liability for tickets not submitted in time or otherwise misplaced.
  • Tickets not returned before the draw has taken place will be declared void. All such tickets deemed void by the committee have no claim on prize monies.
  • The decision of the organising committee shall be binding on all matters relating to the draw and the organising committee may add to, or amend the rules herein from time to time as they shall deem necessary for the proper conduct of the draw.


The decision of the committee is final.